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Circular Saw Circular Saw
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Circular Saw

Chain Saw

Don't do it with an axe. Get a chain saw.

( Manufacturer )
Ft36 923.31 (8.25 % áfával)

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  • Tool-free tensioner for easy, convenient chain adjustment
  • 3-Way Auto Stop; stops chain a fraction of a second
  • Automatic chain oiler regulates oil for proper chain lubrication
  • Small radius guide bar reduces kick-back

12.5 AMPS
16" Bar Length
3.5 HP
8.05 LBS. Weight

Circular Saw Circular Saw Ft54 379.35
Nice Saw Nice Saw Ft6 151.83
Ft6 149.83
Megtakarítás: Ft2.00
Hand Shovel Hand Shovel Ft1 228.40